The CJCL convention is the major event of the year for over 1500 California JCL members. Menlo JCL, the host of this year's convention, has created this page as a resource for information regarding the convention.

Please peruse the different sections to learn more about convention. The whole text of the Registration Booklet is available on this web site, so if you need more, you can read it online and print it out. In addition, nearly all of the materials in the Registration Packet sent out to sponsors of JCL chapters can be accessed through here!

This page takes advantage of frames, a feature available in recent versions of Microsoft and Netscape browsers. If your browser does not support frames, please use our alternate page. If your browser is having trouble with the JavaScript controlling frame navigation through the radio buttons on the left, please switch the the Text Only version. If want technical information about this web site, you can access the Viewing Information page. If you have any technical concerns are are having trouble accessing the page, please contact our Registration Chair, Darrick Wong at Menlo JCL is greatly indebted to him for not only taking up the humongous task of compiling the booklet but afterwards having the perseverance and endurance to create a web page, as well as creating this year's Convention Booklet.

If you have any questions or concerns about this year's JCL Convention, please don't hesitate to contact us! You can e-mail us at or call Menlo JCL (Sponsor: Dobbie Nicholls) at (650) NUT-EPIC (which spells out (650) 688-3742).

Hoping to see you at convention,

Philip Zeyliger
CJCL Convention Co-Chair 

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