News from March 2008

RSCDS Ball 2008

Occurred March 01, 2008 (Permalink)

Pictures from the Scottish Country Dance ball are finally posted. It looked to me like the ball went quite well this year--the usual people from Bend and Salem, and a sizable group from Idaho as well.

Backyard, Part II

Occurred March 09, 2008 (Permalink)

Today, Ann and I went travelling in search of plants. We hit up Al's in Woodburn followed by some place out in the middle of nowhere in Clackamas county. Sunday, I transplanted the plants into the dirt, cleaned some of the muck out of the pond, and put solar LED lights around the garden. Looks fabulous; will have pictures when I'm done with it all.

Filesystem Histogram

Occurred March 10, 2008 (Permalink)

I wrote a program to chart a histogram of file sizes on a filesystem. Later, I extended it to plot fragmentation at each file size as well. The resulting "fhist" program is up along with some sample graphs.

Interior Painting

Occurred March 28, 2008 (Permalink)

I've decided to paint the house this year. Thus far I've gotten the dining room and kitchen done up in red and yellow, respectively. A photo album is up too.

I have seen the paint in person. And it is good.

Car Wrecked

Occurred March 31, 2008 (Permalink)

The Accord got rear-ended on the freeway, with me in it. I think Libby said it best: "Poor crunched-butt car. Rest in pieces."

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