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Photographs and Screen Shots

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[Orchestra Ball, 12/14/2000. Nick, Cleo, Natalie, Woodley, Melissa, Greg, Darrick]
Orchestra Ball, 12/14/2000. Nick, Cleo, Natalie, Woodley, Melissa, Greg, Darrick
Size: 1286 × 776, 118KiB
Date: 14 December 2000
[Flava House, Muir Semi Formal, 2/3/2001.]
Flava House, Muir Semi Formal, 2/3/2001.
Size: 1053 × 737, 439KiB
Photographer: Some Photographer
[Certified Bug Free, date unknown.]
Certified Bug Free, date unknown.
Size: 1152 × 864, 918KiB
Photographer: Vicky
[Ten Percent Club Cards]
Ten Percent Club Cards
Size: 737 × 312, 62KiB
Photographer: Darrick Wong
[I Go Colorblind]
I Go Colorblind
Size: 500 × 690, 63KiB
Photographer: Cassy
Date: 29 April 2005
[Chinese Stamp]
Chinese Stamp
Size: 1059 × 1077, 808KiB
Photographer: Darrick
Date: 1 February 2008
Cell Phone Pictures Random pictures from my cellphone.
Olympic N.P. and Victoria, 2014 Darrick and Jason drive through the vast mossy forests of Olympic National Park and then detour through Victoria, British Columbia, in August 2014.
London and Scotland, 2012 Darrick travels to see his friends in the UK, in September 2012.
Maine, 2012 Darrick, Mel, and Austin travel to Maine in August 2012.
Colorado, 2011 Darrick, Derrick, and Jason travel to Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah in June of 2011.
O'ahu, 2010 Darrick went to O'ahu, Hawai'i and travelled around first with Jason and later with his family, 3 - 10 June 2010.
British Columbia, 2009 Jason and Darrick drove around British Columbia and Washington State for a week, 22 - 29 August 2009.
Four Extremes, Summer 2009 Darrick and Derrick climbed Mt. Whitney in California on 29 July 2009. Once that was done, they toured around Owens and Death Valleys to see what they found. 25 July to 2 August 2009.
Hard Disk Head Crash One of the machines at work suffered a severe head crash on 12 May 2009. Some time over the previous weekend, the disk head tore off the actuator arm and went flying around the case. Meanwhile, the arm itself crashed into the disc surface, ripping the magnetic coating off the platter and filling the drive with black powder. This is the photo album of that destruction. The machine is out of warranty; the disk cannot be RMA'd.
Racetrack Playa Racetrack Playa and Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley, 3-6 April 2009.
Southwestern U.S., 2008 Driving around the southwestern United States to see desert areas, 21-26 Sept 2008.
Glacier and Yellowstone, 2006 Photographs taken in Glacier and Yellowstone Nat'l Parks, 19-27 Aug 2006
IBM AoT Open Source Conference, Toronto, 2007 Alexis and I presented the 2006 OLS paper at the IBM Academy of Technology's Open Source Best Practices conference in Toronto, Feb 2007.
Ottawa Linux Symposium, 2006 Alexis and I presented a paper at the 2006 OLS conference in Ottawa, Canada.
Yosemite, Oct 2005 The last trip of the year: San Diego and Yosemite at the beginning of October.
Pacific Northwest Sights Various places I've been in Oregon and Washington.
San Diego Pictures taken in or around the Univ. of Calif., San Diego, where I went to school.
July 2004 Things I did in July of 2004.
Food! Interesting food that I encounter.
Italy Trip, 1999 Photographs of my trip to Italy in 1999.
SF Bay Area Pictures of the Bay Area, where I grew up.
Menlo Photos Pictures of things related to or at Menlo

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