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Olympic National Park and Victoria, B.C.

For our 2014 road trip, Jason and I drove through Olympic National Park and Victoria B.C. 29 August - 3 September 2014.

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Lake Quinault The world's largest Sitka spruce tree, near Lake Quinault in Olympic N.P. 29 August 2014.
Hoh Rainforest Seuss-esque moss-covered trees in the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic N.P. 29 August 2014.
Cape Flattery Cape Flattery, the westernmost point in the lower 48 United States. 30 August 2014.
Lake Crescent Lodge Back in the park, Lake Crescent Lodge sits in a steep valley. 30 August 2014.
Hurricane Ridge Aptly named, this very windy place offers spectacular views of the peaks of Olympic National Park ... if you can see them through the clouds. 30 August 2014.
Butchart Gardens Butchart Gardens, a colorful reclamation of a former mining pit outside of Victoria, B.C. 1 Sept. 2014.
B.C. Parliament We toured British Columbia's parliament building; a teacher's strike was going on outside. 2 Sept. 2014.
Craigdarroch Castle The richest man in Victoria built a stately castle for his family atop the highest hill in Victoria. 2 Sept. 2014
B.C. Parliament Driving around the coastline and the fancier neighborhoods in Victoria. 2 Sept. 2014.
Washington Heading south back to Portland via Port Angeles and a pontoon bridge. 3 Sept. 2014.

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