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British Columbia and Washington State

I took Amtrak to Seattle, where Jason and I rented a car and drove up north through Bellingham, Vancouver BC, Whistler, Victoria, Port Angeles, and back to Seattle.

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Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden, Vancouver, BC Dr. Sun Yat Set Chinese Garden (and Park), Vancouver, BC, 23 August 2009.
Misc. in Vancouver, BC Various things we saw in Vancouver, BC.
Vancouver Aquarium The Vancouver Aquarium, 24 August 2009.
Stanley Park Rose Garden The rose and flower gardens in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, 24 August 2009.
Prospect Point Prospect Point, at the northern edge of Stanley Park, 24 August 2009.
Totem Poles Totem Poles, Lighthouses, and Cricket at the Brockton Pavilion in Stanley Park, 24 August 2009.
Capilano Suspension Bridge A massive cable suspension bridge crossing the Capilano River canyon. The bridge was strong enough to sustain a direct tree hit without damage in 2006. 25 August 2009.
Whistler, BC Relaxing in Whistler for an evening, 25 August 2009.
Ferry to Victoria, BC Taking the BC Ferry from Vancouver to Victoria, BC, 26 August 2009.
Sunken Garden, Butchart Gardens The sunken garden inside The Butchart Gardens of Victoria, BC, 27 August 2009.
Roses, Butchart Gardens The rose section of The Butchart Gardens of Victoria, BC, 27 August 2009.
Japanese Garden, Butchart Gardens A Japanese garden tucked in the corner of The Butchart Gardens of Victoria, BC, 27 August 2009.
Italian Garden, Butchart Gardens Totally symmetrical Italian garden at the end of the tour of The Butchart Gardens of Victoria, BC, 27 August 2009.
Sooke, BC We drove out to the south coast town of Sooke to try to glimpse Olympic National Park in the United States, 27 August 2009.
Victoria, BC Victoria, the capitol of British Columbia. We mostly stayed at the waterfront and roamed through a grand old hotel, 27 August 2009.
Malahat, BC Killing time before we had to catch the ferry to Port Angeles by driving around the countryside on Vancouver Island, 28 August 2009.
Ferry to Port Angeles Taking an auto ferry across the Strait of Juan de Fuca from Victoria back to Port Angeles, WA, 28 August 2009.
Seattle, WA Back in Seattle for the night and Pike Place Market, 29 August 2009.
Union Station, Portland Returning to Portland on Amtrak, 29 August 2009.

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