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Maine, August 2012

Mel invited me out to his family compound(s) near Bar Harbor, Maine. I had quite a fun time eating seafood, sailing, watching scuba diving, and roaming around the Eastern seaboard. August 23-September 4, 2012.

Page Description
Travel Photos Various travel photos.
Nutkin Cottage The houseboat and the Nutkin Cottage on Donnell Pond.
Dina's Barbeque A barbeque at Mel's friend Dina's.
The Starfish Enterprise Scuba trip on the Starfish Enterprise.
Sailing in Southwest Harbor Sailing trip with Kristen.
Somes Sound and Southwest Harbor The Eastern seaboard's largest fjord, and roaming around Southwest Harbor, Maine.
Acadia National Park Cadillac Mountain and other things around Acadia NP.
Jordan Pond House Lunch at the Jordan Pond House in Acadia NP.
Donnell Pond Donnell Pond.
Bar Harbor Bar Harbor, Maine.
Black Mountain Hiking up Black Mountain near Donnell Pond.
Johnny's House Johnny's hand-built and hand-woodworked house.

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