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London and Scotland, September 2012

While between jobs, I travelled to London and Scotland to see some old friends from UCSD -- Cristina, my RA; and my other friends Christine and Steve. I spent five days seeing as many things as I could in London, and another five days relaxing in rural seaside Scotland. 17-27 September 2012.

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London Wandering around London on the first afternoon that I was there, 18 Sept. 2012.
The Tower of London Quite a lot of British history happened within the walls of the Tower of London. I also met Tower Bridge after building a model of it. 19 Sept. 2012.
Olympic Park A whole month after the end of the Paralympics, they were already transitioning Olympic Park into whatever it's slated to become.
The O2 and the Aerial Tram The O2 is a funny shaped entertainment arena. It was closed, so I rode the Emirates Air Lines over the Thames back to the Docklands and saw the Canary Wharf before heading to dinner with Cristina.
The British Museum During the heights of the British Empire, the Britons collected artifacts from all over the world and stored them here. 20 Sept. 2012.
Trafalgar Square and the UK Government Wandering around all the various government buildings, 21 Sept. 2012.
Shakespeare's Globe A recreation of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. The only structure within London that's made out of wood.
St. Paul's Cathedral St. Paul's Cathedral. The acoustics and the tombs inside the building are simply amazing.
The Magic Flute My last night in London, I took in The Magic Flute, performed by the English National Opera at the London Coliseum.
Changing of the Guards, Buckingham Palace On my way out of London, I stopped to watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, 22 Sept. 2012.
King's Cross to Edinburgh I took the train from London to Edinburgh to meet Christine and Steve. Note: We saw a castle and an arch in St. Andrews on the 23rd, but there apparently are no photos?
Secret Bunker, Anstruther Christine and Steve live in Anstruther, and they took me to see Scotland's Secret Bunker, 24 Sept 2012.
Dundee This is the HM Frigate Unicorn, parked in the bay at Dundee, 25 Sept 2012.
Scottish Dancing in St. Andrews Scottish Country Dancing at St. Andrews University.
St. Mungo's Museum of Religious Life This is St. Mungo's museum of religious life. I think it's a church. 26 Sept 2012.
The Glasgow Necropolis The Glasgow Necropolis. A gigantic cemetery of Glasgow's Victorian-era elite.
Flying Home Flying from Edinburgh to Portland via Amsterdam, 27 Sept. 2012.
Cloud Cap Inn, Mt. Hood Cloud Cap Inn, perched on the shoulder of Mt. Hood. I drove out here on my final day of freedom before starting the new job. 29 Sept. 2012.

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