This is a collection of (mostly) finished programs that I've written. Programs that are currently under development will likely be cross-referenced in the What's Cooking area. For the most part, these programs are written in Java, because I find it a largely pleasant experience, as opposed to C, which tends to raise my hackles. (But I'll concede that C is appropriate for certain cases.) Furthermore, it is quite nice to have programs that run on UCSD's motley collection of Solaris, Linux, Windows and Macintoshes with relatively little fuss.

Page Description
Portland Bike Parking Bike parking spots in Portland, Oregon.
File System Histogram Create histograms of file sizes and fragmentation levels
Mozart's Dice Game Generate MIDI scores via Mozart's Dice Game
File System Mutator Stress file system drivers by slowly corrupting the underlying data
Usage GrapH Linux resource usage graphing program
BorkOS Bork Operating System
SurfNet Network Simulator Network Simulator for Unixes
jGrid Cluster Software Cluster management software for the Java platform
Periodic Table A program that lists all 118 elements of the periodic table. It will show information about each element, plot graphs of various atomic data, and even simulate electron shells with a 3D interface.
Hierarchal Object Storage Environment Thoughts and a short paper about my vision of a hierarchal metadata-rich object storage environment.
Random Sentence Generator Random sentence generator.
Disk Benchmarking Tool Measures disk throughput in various areas across a disk.
Advertisement Defeater Defeats those annoying banner advertisements that you find in web pages.
Babelizer Babelizer reads lines from text files and spits them out in random order. Very amusing.
BackTalk Script Parser A script parser that works over the internet. It can download files and URLs, and print files and URLs.
BogoMIPS Calculator This program calculates the BogoMIPS rating of a CPU, based on the algorithms in the Linux kernel.
Datagram Echo Echoes datagram (UDP) packets over the internet.
Gaussian Matrix Solver This program solves matrices for solutions using the Gaussian reduction algorithm.
Internet Utilities These internet utilities performs DNS lookups, scans IP addresses for HTTP servers, and serves as a web terminal so that you can read responses from HTTP requests.
Java Class Browser Disassembles Java class files, so that you can examine the underlying contents of the class, including method bytecode, constant pool information, and other attributes.
Java Runtime Information Queries Java runtimes for configuration data and platform data.
Java YZ-Windows A lightweight graphics/windowing library, written in Java, intended to be an "object-orientated" implementation of Woodley's YZ-Windows.
Internet Printer Prints files over the Internet. Particularly useful if you want to print raw PostScript / PCL / text data to a networkable JetDirect printer such as a HP LaserJet 4000.
Web Server A simple HTTP file server with directory browsing and rudimentary CGI support. It has partial support for HTTP/1.1.

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