The Babelizer Word Obfuscator

As its name suggests, Babelizer is a word-scrambling program. Halfway through Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum (offsite), Jacopo Belbo, a Garamond Press editor, demonstrates a program he has that reads lines of text and prints them out in random order. However, because this program requires file-system access, (which most browsers will NOT allow under any circumstances) you must download the Java class files and then run them from the command prompt using the command line Java interpreter. The engine has two front-ends, a somewhat flaky console program (hence named after Belbo) and a GUI which has been wound up into a holy mess. (hence it's named after Diotallevi, a character who aspires to be Jewish.)

Once the class files are downloaded, run the console program with the command java Belbo. If you want to run the GUI, use java Diotallevi . The source has been provided for fun. The class MySecureRandom uses SHA to generate a semi-random value, which is then XOR'd by the results of the System.currentTimeMillis() function.

Download source and binaries: (14K).

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