What is BorkOS?

BorkOS is an experimental new operating system pioneered by Woodley, Darrick, and Steven. The three of them wrote it primarily to gain a feel for how real operating systems are written, and also to explore different concepts of basic principles. It also provided the three of them with something to do on stormy days during school vacations.

BorkOS Screenshot

What Hardware is Supported?

Currently, BorkOS is being developed for bondi blue iMacs (of 1999 vintage), but it has been known to at least boot on several other systems (B&W G3, newer iMacs, etc). Conceivably it could run inside Mac-On-Linux, but right now it does not due to missing hardware drivers.

What Features Does it Support?

BorkOS has these features:

Note that pretty much all of that is still under construction; we hope to add more features (fast file system, better kyz support, etc) in the near future.

What is BorkOS Named After?

Apologies to the Swedish Chef from Jim Henson's The Muppets.


BorkOS is not available for download quite yet. Maybe when we accumulate few more features.

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