Backtalk Script Parser

BackTalk is a simple internet based script parser. Upon invocation, it reads a script off a web server and executes that script. As of version 1.33, one can download files, execute programs, create folders, mail files or text, print files or URLs to IP addresses (see the Internet Printer), and touch file timestamps.

One can also use the system task scheduler to automatically invoke the script processor on a regular basis, making this program useful for routing files in an automated manner.

Syntax: java BackTalk [sJobFile]

sJobFile: Specifies job script to read commands from. It can be a URL or a file path. Default:

Job script format: Put any of these commands in a text file.

Command Description
COPYFILE source dest Copies source to dest.
DELETE file Deletes file.
DOWNLOAD url localfile Downloads url to localfile.
EXEC command Executes command.
MAILFILE file smtp rcpt Mails file to rcpt using SMTP server smtp.
MAILLOG smtp rcpt Mails the log to rcpt via SMTP server smtp.
MKDIR folder Creates folder folder.
PRINTFILE file printer port Prints file to TCP/IP printer printer on port port.
PRINTURL url printer port Prints url to TCP/IP printer printer on port port.
SLEEP time Sleeps for time seconds.
TOUCHFILE file Updates the last access date on file to now.
TOUCHURL url Updates the last access date on url to now.

To comment a line, put a semicolon at the beginning of the line.

If you merely wish to send a bunch of files to a printer (and bypass the script structure), use the PrintSend program. Syntax: java PrintSend [port p] [printer IP] [u url...] [f files...]. Command line options:

Command Description
port p Specifies the port which you want to print to. On HP LaserJet 4000s, this is 9100. Default: 9100.
printer ip Specifies the IP address of the printer.
u url Prints the URL to the printer.
f file Prints the file to the printer.

Download source and binaries: (18.5K).

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