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Glacier and Yellowstone Nat'l Parks

Pictures from a massively long road trip to both Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park in Montana/Wyoming, August 19 - 27, 2006.

Page Description
Spokane Arrival in Spokane, 19 Aug 2006
Boat Show in Coeur d'Alene Small boat show in Coeur d'Alene, ID, 20 Aug 2006
Driving to Glacier On the road to Glacier NP the scenic way!
Western Half of the Park The western half of the park at Apgar.
Avalanche Creek Trail Avalanche Creek Trail and Trail of the Cedars.
Avalanche Lake Avalanche Lake.
Offroading at Camas Creek Offroading near Apgar to Camas Creek.
McDonald Creek McDonald Creek on the way to East Glacier.
Logan Pass Logan Pass, at 6680 feet.
Jackson Glacier Overlook The Jackson glacier overlook and associated bridge.
Eastern Half of the Park Eastern parts of Glacier NP and then some.
Many Glacier Hotel Many Glacier Hotel in the eastern part of the park.
The Continental Divide The continental divide.
Norris Geyser Norris Geyser at Yellowstone NP.
Yellowstone National Park Miscellany.
Excelsior Geyser Excelsior Glacier.
Old Faithful Everyone's favorite, the not-so-faithful Old Faithful.
Grand Teton National Park An excursion south through Grand Teton NP to Jackson, WY.
Jackson Hole, WY Lunch at Jackson Hole, WY.
Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon (of Yellowstone).
Offroading in Yellowstone Offroading inside Yellowstone.

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