Douglass Hall Update #7.01


After sending the last update out, I put on the asbestos underwear and waited for the flame mail to come in. There wasn't any, although some mistakes came out...hence 7.01.

About tours of The Hall: Ask Mr. Colb. I have no idea when he's planning to do a tour but I heard he might do another sometime this week. Yes, he does do tours on occasion.

I've been at Stanford at a Law and Trial Advocacy conference for the last two weeks, so I'm digging through all the stuff people sent me. Anybody want a weather report for June 25th? see below for more on this stuff.

First of all, Vicky moved her house, not the writing center. So I still don't know which house to T.P. Vicky said, "By the way, your construction updates are always well-written. I always appreciate that, and I hope everyone notices." She said that, not me.

ok, onto Menlo:

Outside: The Memorial Platform is gone. In fact, all of that stuff is gone--the construction fence has been removed and the scraggly trees have been pulled out. The big ones stay, however. They're going to build the loop road in front of The Hall now, so it appears. That means our lovely Valparaiso parking lot shrinks (in terms of concrete), the entrance road gets pushed further toward the street and they'll add some more parking spaces.

That'll be a nasty turn into the parking lot. Maybe I'll give up driving altogether--(person: Why did you give up driving? me: I didn't like the turn into the school parking lot...)

They pulled out a lot of the ivy around the science buildings and planted flowers. Finally some colorful scenery...too bad there are only about 10 people on campus to look at them! (let's see: me, Mr. Thibs, Ms. Nicholls, and a bunch of JCLers).

Menlo Hall: The old faculty lounge in Menlo is becoming a tech center. That's where the new G3 Macintoshes and Dell PowerEdge servers go. In fact, I saw Eric Spross trying to fight Windows NT this afternoon. hee hee! more on windows later. Weird pipes have been installed outside the building near the walkway.

Patterson: No change. Science Labs: No change. Patterson: No change.

Curtis: Lots of furniture moving around. I have no idea where anybody got all those bookcases; perhaps Curtis has a secret trapdoor leading to a secret War Room...have I been watching too many 60's spy movies?

Flo Mo: They're building offices out of room 310. Otherwise no change.

The Hall: The columns outside the library semicircle went up. Windows (the glass kind) have been installed. Stucco exterior almost complete. Pinkish stucco does not match the gray concrete of the old Hall and reminds me too much of Harker buildings. (which were built hauntingly similarly to Menlo Hall... aah!! Still can't escape!) Mounds of weed-laden dirt removed.

Parking Lot: Many piles of concrete. Today they were jackhammering the concrete to the entrance of the parking lot. I would highly recommend using the back entrance. The middle school loop is inaccessible. We could try *flying* to school...but the arm-flapping would be exhausting.

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