Douglass Hall Update #8


This particular "The Hall" update has not been issued yet. However, I AM allowed to leak a few details about it. Menlo School will be playing-up the opening of The Hall, and I am therefore going to run either a "super-issue" including everything about The Hall, b) I am going to publish my own small limited-circulation newsletter or c)release an interim update and then make a BIIIG splash report and call it #9.

I am in the process of procuring the collection of photographs of the building under construction and am actively pursuing the history of the Menlo campus, its buildings, etc.

As detailed in updates #7.08 and 7.10, I have found a stash of rather old equipment and movies. I have yet to determine what do with these, although I may try to get the library to display the Douglass Hall artifacts as part of the grand re-opening of the building.

What have I found? Old exam bluebooks, books written about Menlo, some black and white silent movies, a grayscale animated film, an old mimeograph machine, and many, many files. The construction trailer contains some Douglass artifacts, including several pieces of concrete saved from the demolished servant's quarters, and a fancy-looking brass light fixture.

Does anybody have any fixtures that might have come from Douglass? The school might be interested in finding these artifacts and putting them back into The Hall.

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