Arlene's Funeral Service

This page has been put up as a central repository of information relating to funeral services for Arlene Wong, my mother, who passed away from complications due to cancer on December 26th, 2003. The navigation chrome to the left should disappear when this page is printed.

Note: These are the official instructions; they should not change any further.


We plan to have four main events. All four are open to the public; friends, family, friends of the family, and others are welcome to attend.


There will be three stops; instructions are provided below. Note that the actual routes from stop to stop are not likely to change; however, for those who come from afar, some instruction is better than none at all. Please note that these instructions have not yet been checked thoroughly, although I believe them to be correct.

Lima Family Mortuary

Map to Lima

1315 Hollenbeck Road, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

From 85 North:

  1. Turn right onto Fremont Ave.
  2. Proceed through two lights
  3. Turn right at the third light onto Hollenbeck Ave.
  4. Immediately turn right into the mortuary parking lot.

From 85 South:

  1. Turn left onto Fremont Ave.
  2. Proceed through three lights
  3. Turn right at the fourth light onto Hollenbeck Ave.
  4. Immediately turn right into the mortuary parking lot.

Alta Mesa Cemetery

Map to Alta Mesa

695 Arastradero Road, Palo Alto, CA 94306

From Lima Family Mortuary: (Note: We will have a procession, so just follow the hearse.)

  1. Turn right onto Hollenbeck Ave.
  2. Turn right onto Cascade Dr.
  3. Turn left onto Lewiston Dr; it's the second left.
  4. Make the first right onto Cathedral Dr.
  5. Take the first left onto La Crosse Dr.
  6. Follow the road as it veers right into Corvallis Dr. to go by our house.
  7. Take the first left at Kingsgate Dr.
  8. Turn right onto The Dalles Ave.
  9. Make a left onto Mary Ave.
  10. Turn right onto Homestead Road, heading west.
  11. Follow Homestead over the 85 overpass.
  12. Turn right onto Foothill Expressway.
  13. Follow Foothill Expressway northwesterly until you reach Arastradero Road. I think it is the tenth light after turning.
  14. Turn right onto Arastradero Road.
  15. Turn right into Alta Mesa cemetery.

Procession Route: Procession Route

From 280:

  1. Take the El Monte Road exit; if you're coming from the North, you'll want the second exit of the cloverleaf. If you're coming from the South, you'll want the first exit of the cloverleaf. In any case, you want to head Eastward.
  2. Follow El Monte Road until you get to Foothill Expressway.
  3. Turn left onto Foothill and proceed from step 15 of the instructions above.


Map to Ming's Restaurant

1700 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303

From Alta Mesa Cemetery:

  1. Turn right onto Arastradero Road.
  2. Turn left onto El Camino Real.
  3. Turn right onto Page Mill Road.
  4. Follow Page Mill all the way to 101, and take the entrance to North 101.
  5. Take an immediate right at the next exitway to get onto Embarcadero Road East. Do NOT get on the freeway; if you do, you've gone too far.
  6. Proceed through the first signal light and turn right at the first driveway afterwards.

Route map

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