News From 2001

Arrived at College

Occurred December 02, 2001 (Permalink)

No, you're not seeing double; it's just that this site has been dead for a year now. This is shameful, since I arrived at college last September as one might expect--but nothing's been updated to reflect this. A BogoMIPS calculator has been written.

At Last...A New Site!

Occurred December 18, 2001 (Permalink)

At long last, this site has undergone the facelift that it's been needing for quite some time. The menus, although quite cool, were a major maintenance liability, and they don't work in all browsers. Plus, they were JavaScript; hence search engines could not index this site. So now we have XHTML 1.1/CSS2 compliant pages that are generated on the fly by PHP.

Old Photos of Douglass Hall

Occurred December 19, 2001 (Permalink)

While rummaging through my hard disk on the computer at home today, I made quite a discovery--an archive of old photographs of Douglass Hall, taken some time in late 1997 before the renovation began. You can see these photos on the Douglass page of the photo album. Also read the last update.

JavaYZ Migrated to DD

Occurred December 29, 2001 (Permalink)

Well! At last, the Java YZ page has been merged into the Domicile. The old site has been replaced with a redirector. Also, the interactive site map applet has been sucked over from the main thibs page and modified to display a map of all the pages in the Domicile.

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