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San Francisco New Year

Occurred January 01, 2007 (Permalink)

I rang in the new year with Maddy & Clay this year! I showed up at their apartment around 19:30 and joined a game in progress. The gamepiece was a plastic disc with electronics in it; it would display a word and one person in the group had to describe the phrase while everyone else tried to infer what the word was. There were six of us playing--Maddy and her sister Christa, their respective husband/boyfriend, Laura, and myself. Around 22:45 we finally went all the way around the group before the timer expired; with that, we headed off towards the Haight-Ashbury to ring in the new year! There were no buses or trains to be had (Go SFMUNI!) so we walked all the way there, crashing into a dive bar three minutes to midnight. After exchanging kisses with various and watching street performers for a while, we caught a bus, went to Market St., and proceeded into the mission district to rendezvous with Maddy's friends.

San Francisco blocks are much longer than Portland blocks, to the point that it was quite a long trek from 12th and Mission all the way to 20th and Mission. Some of us went into a bar while Clay quietly bid us adieu; those remaining continued to drink and be merry. When the bar closed at 2:00, our party spilled down the street and into the apartment of some guy named Bo.

Much later, on Monday, we got up and watched the sun set over the ocean from the beach. What a couple of days!

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