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Portland Scottish Country Dance Ball

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The Waggle o' the Kilt
The Waggle o' the Kilt

Another year, another ball! Same general idea as the one I went to last year--dance, have a lot of fun, and improve my dance skill, and indeed I did! Rebecca, the teacher in the morning, made put the advanced class through quite a lot of step practice, giving me time to work my way through the act of turning with both hands while doing the Pas de Basque. This will certainly come in handy the next time I dance Lagach Anne... which will possibly be the 21st of March. The teachers brought a couple of dances to the ball, and we proceeded to make ourselves quite sore and tired practicing them.

Come 19:30, it was once again time for the Grand March and Ball! Since last year's ball, I've had the chance to upgrade my kilt outfit a great deal; now I have a sporran, drummer's hat and a kilt shirt, in addition to the shoes, stockings, and kilt. This year, armed with an even better knowledge of dancing technique, I kept up almost all night, and did pretty well. The pictures turned out better than last year's did, partly due to a better camera and also because Michael McCool donated a pretty big bunch. This year I also practiced waltzing leading up to the ball, and asked Chandi out on the floor for the final dance.


I stumbled to the afterparty too. Sat around, _very_ tired by that point, listening to people talk about their trips to Scotland, pending legislation, and the unfortunate incident that the Kelleys' truck had with some soft mud. Oh, and if you ever get a chance to try Mrs. Baxter's meatballs--they are really gooooood! :)


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Quickies: Last month, I went to the Linux File System & Storage Workshop, attended the funeral of my maternal grandmother, had a hellacious time getting to and back from an IBM Academy conference in Toronto, had a fun time sightseeing and talking in Toronto, and finally came home. Also, today was another Doggie Birthday Party at the Bruemmers'.

I'm in the Rose Festival

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Apparently the Portland SCD demonstration team will be performing at the 100th annual Portland Rose Festival on June 2nd at about 11:00! So yes, you can all come see me dance if you're in town then.

1,000 Days in Oregon!

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