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Mazamas Basic Climbing Class, 2006

In Spring 2006, I spent seven weeks taking a basic climbing skills class from the Mazamas, a Pacific northwest-based mountain climbing club. I learned all about rock, snow and mountain climbing, and what to do with various pieces of gear and rope. Now the question is, what will I climb?

Page Description
Knots and Belay Class Knots and Belaying Class, 23 March 2006
Devil's Rest Devil's Rest Hike, 25 March 2006
Angel's Rest and Munra Point Hike to Angel's Rest and Munra Point, 1 April 2006
Rocky Butte Rocky Butte Climbing Practice, 9 April 2006
Elk Mountain Loop Elk Mountain Loop, 15 April 2006
Mt. Hood Snow Session Snow Training, 22 April 2006
Silcox Hut, Mt. Hood Failed Hike to Illumination Saddle on Mt. Hood, 23 April 2006
Horsethief Butte Rock climbing at Horsethief Butte, 29 April 2006
Student Pics Various pictures...

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