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Timberline Trail Pictures

Contained herein are nearly five hundred pictures that I shot while hiking around the Timberline Trail on 5-9 Aug 2005 with my friends Lara, Michelle, Dave, Eliza, Ana and Justin. The trek itself is nearly 40.3 miles with some 20,000 feet of total elevation gain; our trip started at 6,000 feet at Timberline Lodge, dropped to a low of 3,200 feet at Ramona Falls west of Mt. Hood and peaked (literally) atop Lamberson Spur east of Mt. Hood at 7,300 feet. This album contains only pictures going clockwise from Zigzag Canyon back to Timberline Lodge; for the first part, see photos from my first Timberline trip at about the same time last year. There was not much different on that segment from last year, except less snow.

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Day 0: Zigzag Canyon Zigzag Canyon to Ramona Falls.
Day 1: Ramona Falls Camp Ramona Falls, approximately 11 miles in.
Muddy River and Bald Mountain The two forks of the Muddy River and circumnavigating Bald Mountain.
Campsite Near McNeil Point The sunset from our camp near McNeil Point, approximately 18 miles in.
Stars at Night Me, attempting to take pictures of the stars at night.
Day 2: Ladd Glacier Below Ladd Glacier, on the northwest side of Hood.
Coe Glacier Below Coe Glacier, on the north side of Hood.
Treacherous Eliot Creek Crossing Up to and including Eliot Creek, site of a 1999 washout and strenuous redirection.
Sunset Pictures Above Cloud Cap I captured the brilliant yellow, orange, pink and lavender hues of the Oregon sunset from NE Mt. Hood. About 28 miles finished.
Day 3: Lamberson Spur Up to 7300 feet on Lamberson Spur. Mile 30.
Gnarl Ridge A big ridge with sandblasted everything!
Newton Creek Very dangerous river crossing with high flow and low riverbeds.
Ski Resorts Inactive ski lifts provide an afternoon delight. Mile 32-36
White River My vision of hell: Multi-forked river, unstable rock everywhere, dust, wind, and desolation. Mile 39.

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