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Mozart's Dice Game

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At last I wrote about the dice game that I wrote to kick off the second generation of Randomly Generated Music.


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Hovercraft Flight (12MB)
Hovercraft Flight (12MB)

Woodley and Steven got the idea that it would be a fun idea to build a simple hovercraft over the holidays. So, two days after Christmas, we met at Steven's house, bought three rectangular pieces of 1.5-ply plywood, a big sheet of 6-mil plastic sheeting, some duct tape and a lot of staples. Some time later, we had connected the three pieces like so: |= , rounded off the front piece, and cut a hole in the front. We then huffed goop fumes for quite a while as we sought to bond the plastic to the plywood with goop, staples, and duct tape. The next day we spent stapling various parts of the underside together to create a mostly level set of air pontoons around the outer edge of the craft, cut a plethora of vent holes in the bottom, connected the blower from a shop vac, and tried it out with the results that one can see above. Note: Actual construction was tricker than this. We checked that everything was secure, put Woodley atop the hovercraft, and he went for the test flight as Steven slowly pushed him down the driveway into the street. Steven reported that he wasn't pushing very hard yet the whole craft was moving quite easily down the slope. Update: If the OGG movie doesn't open, you might want to try out VLC (offsite).

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