News from April 2006


Occurred April 18, 2006 (Permalink)

Flowers are blooming all over the place!


Occurred April 23, 2006 (Permalink)

Still no time to write journal entries. In a rush: My tulips opened up in the past few days' heat. I went to Mt. Hood for a class on snow techniques; there should have been a hike the day after but we had to turn back due to really high sustained winds. After disbanding, I decided to go north to the Gorge and visited Rowena Crest and the Mosier Twin Tunnels. A nice excursion to take on the way home.

Climbing School

Occurred April 30, 2006 (Permalink)

Pictures from my Mazamas basic climbing class are now here courtesy of Joe FitzPatrick. And yes, that's why there has been no activity here for the last six weeks.

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