News from September 2006

Pictures from Glacier and Yellowstone

Occurred September 01, 2006 (Permalink)

Jason and I went on a road trip to Glacier NP and Yellowstone NP in Montana last month. I've uploaded the photos, though I've not had the chance to add captions or write a story.

Clay and Maddy Got Hitched!

Occurred September 23, 2006 (Permalink)

After four years of being married without a license, Clay and Maddy tied the knot this Saturday. Pictures! Friday night they kicked off the festivities with a pizza party at Seabright State Beach. Having driven down the coast from Half Moon Bay that afternoon, I was happy to spend another evening with Maddy, Clay, and family--this means goofing off around a fire pit listening and participating in the singing of songs from several different musical genres. I particularly enjoyed getting to see Jeff & Libby, who I hadn't seen since summer 2004.

The next day, I pulled out my ace in the hole, stylewise: full formal Scottish dress. I am not Scottish in the slightest; I merely dance with Scots. This meant everything--kilt, hose, sporran, belt, shirt, coat, and my usual bowtie. After dim sum with the (grand)parent, I drove down to Santa Cruz--what a scary drive! Tight curves, narrow lanes and a 50mph speed limit. Anyway, I arrived about 30 minutes before the ceremony was due to begin.

What tartan do you wear?

Washington State.

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