Contacting JYZ Project Developers

If you would like to report a bug, put it in the bug tracker (offsite). If you've a question or suggestion that might be of pertinance to the JYZ community in general, send it to the discussion forums (offsite). General support questions should be sent to the Support Page (offsite). If you'd like to engage a private e-mail, send messages to (offsite) and hopefully Darrick will check that frequently enough to avoid missing mail. (Yeah, right).

IF, however, you have a question about YZ (the spec) or MacYZ or XYZ or KYZ, that's Woodley's area. I would venture that the same routing rules apply to him; here's the YZ Bug Tracker (offsite), his Discussion Group (offsite) and his Support Forum (offsite). Otherwise e-mail (offsite).

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